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The exact cause is not known yet but many doctors and scientists believe that otosclerosis is an inherited disorder. The cause of otosclerosis is not fully understood, although research has shown that otosclerosis tends to run in families and may be hereditary, or passed down from parent to child. An examination by an otolaryngologist or otologist is needed to rule out other diseases or health problems that may cause these symptoms of otosclerosis. The colon cancers, which have not spread to distant sites; surgery is usually the primary or first treatment. Otosclerosis can cause different types of hearing loss, depending on which structure within the ear is affected. Otosclerosis usually causes a conductive hearing loss, a hearing loss caused by a problem in the outer or middle ear.
Some research suggests a relationship between otosclerosis and the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy.

In addition to hearing loss, some people with otosclerosis may experience dizziness, balance problems, or tinnitus.
Otosclerosis usually affects the last bone in the chain, the stapes, which rests in the entrance to the inner ear (the oval window).
While the exact cause remains unknown, there is some evidence associating viral infections (such as measles) and otosclerosis. According a recent hypothesis, otosclerosis requires a combination of a specific gene to specific virus like measles. We have come some yoga postures which will help you fight all the stress and depression and will make you ready to face life. On average, a person who has one parent with otosclerosis has a 25 percent chance of developing the disorder. Many people with otosclerosis first notice that they cannot hear low-pitched sounds or that they can no longer hear a whisper.

A properly fitted hearing aid may help some people with otosclerosis in situations that include persistent hearing loss. In most cases, only the stapes get affected but sometimes the otosclerosis  can also affect the bony shell of the cochlea and the nerve cells within it. Viral materials have been found in the nucleic acid of otosclerotic stapes footplates and increased levels of antibodies to the measles virus are present in the inner ears of patient with otosclerosis. This tendon is routinely cut by most surgeons when doing stapes surgery to restore hearing in otosclerosis.
According to recent study, people who have received vaccination for measles have lower chances of otosclerosis.

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