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If you are concerned that you have OCD, and you want to seek professional help, the first step would normally be to visit your GP. If you visit a doctor to talk about OCD, they are likely to ask you direct questions about possible symptoms.
If you find it difficult talking about your OCD, you may find it useful to prepare beforehand. If you access help on the NHS, your treatment should be in line withNICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines.NICE recommends ‘stepped’ treatment for OCD. The behavioural element (also known as Exposure Response Prevention – ERP) is strongly recommended for treating OCD.
Some people find drug treatment helpful for OCD, either alone or combined with talking treatments, such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). If you are experiencing very severe anxiety as a result of OCD, you may be offered tranquillising drugs, such as diazepam (Valium). Beta-blockers are occasionally given to people to treat the immediate symptoms of severe anxiety.
If your OCD is severe or complex, your GP may refer you to a community mental health team (CMHT). If you require more intensive support, it is recommended that you are referred to a specialist OCD service in your area.

Researchers believe that OCD happens when people don’t have enough serotonin (a brain chemical or neurotransmitter) in the brain.
Everyone in a family is usually affected by a child or teen’s OCD, so everyone has a role to play in helping to make things better. If you think that your child has OCD, bring your child or teen to a doctor to make sure there aren’t any medical problems that might be contributing to the problem. Cognitive techniques help children and youth come up with more helpful coping thoughts, like, “I’m not going to let the OCD push me around! Exposure means exposing your child or teen to the (feared) situation that triggers the OCD. Although OCD symptoms can be very frustrating and cause conflict with families, remember that it is not your child or teen that is the problem, it is the OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Parent Support Group, for parents with children who have OCD. If you receive a diagnosis of OCD, it should also say how severe your OCD is; for example, if you have mild, moderate or severe OCD. This means that youshould receive different types of treatment depending on how severeyour symptoms are and how you responded to any previous treatment.
There are a number of options available to treat OCD and different things work for different people.

They don’t treat the anxiety itself, but act on the heart and blood pressure to reduce physical symptoms, such as palpitations. It is not recommended for treating OCD, but is very occasionally offered in severe cases, when other treatments have been unsuccessful. Cognitive (thought) strategies help a child or teen to replace OCD thoughts with more helpful ones.
A child struggling with OCD often hears a lot of criticism or negative comments from others. They should also be able to help with you with wider issues you have as a result of your OCD, such as difficulties around housing, benefits or everyday living.
Interestingly, William’s father realized that he had had minor symptoms of OCD all his life too, and he had just as much benefit from learning about OCD as William did.
There is considerable evidence to suggest that this therapy is especially effective in dealing with OCD.

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