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Not sleeping at night effects, what can you take for ringing in the ears - Review

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Sleeping is important, we all know that; but what if you were told that not getting the prescribed hours of sleep per night could cause immense side effects for you both psychologically and physically, whether or not you are a baby boomer.
Causes Hallucinations: Seeing things that are not actually there can be a common side effect of prolonged sleep deprivation. Instigates ADHD Symptoms: Apparently it is quite easy to incorrectly diagnose a child or adult with ADHD when that person has not been sleeping properly. Increases Variation in Heart Rate: Blood pressure and heart rate irregularities are a common side effect of sleep loss during the night.
Instigates Osteoporosis: As if all the other problems were not enough, developing osteoporosis takes the cake for the elder generation, particularly baby boomers.
Suppresses Growth: Children who do not sleep enough have their growth stunted when it is for long periods of time, according to many studies. Makes a person seem uglier: No one wants to be seen as ugly but sleep deprivation affects the parts of the face vital in communication which can become repulsive if the effects become drastic.

Increases Risk of Stroke: Middle aged and older adults should worry if they sleep less than 6 hours a night. Ages Considerably: Might be why Estee Lauder recommends sleeping to promote beauty and staying younger.
Young or old, parent or grandparent, ensure that those in your family are sleeping as much as they should according to their age.
There are a multitude of reasons for this, but one is that we do not consider the negative effects this behavior has on our minds and bodies.
Please hang the same warning sign on those who do not receive a healthy amount of sleep as their coordination and response time is similar to a drunk’s. It feels like everything increases risk of cancer these days and getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night is no exception.
The risk of a stroke is high, given the fact that the number of adults reporting over 8 hours of sleep a night has decreased to less than 30%.

As symptoms of not sleeping we lose our ability to concentrate, think clearly and work precisely. I can also run on five or six hours of sleep a couple of days, but the quality of what I do with my days will noticeably decrease for that period. By cutting out any superficial restriction of your sleeping time, you’ll naturally sleep as long as your mind and body need it.

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