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One of the most debilitating symptoms for some children and adults with autism is sensory oversensitivity, for example to loud noises or fluorescent lights. For example, the study would include only children who have autism and cannot tolerate loud noise. This research could lead to more effective treatments for alleviating sensory oversensitivity. Sensory sensitivity is one of the most understudied aspects of autism, says Temple Grandin.

I have sensitivity to fluorescent lights, cannot stand loud sounds and sensory issues are worse when fatigued. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are never able to do normal activities such as going on a train or shopping in a crowded, noisy supermarket. Typical examples are screaming children, mechanical noises and traffic noise; often it is the tone of the sound which is distressing rather than the volume of the sound. My sensitivity is increased when I have hyperactive symptoms, and not as troubling when I have a lack of energy but I think my brain is doing all it can to block out sensory stimuli by making me under aroused.

Metabolic issues such as histamine intolerance, resulting from methylation problems, limit the benefits of simple treatments, and gut issues, if present, result in poor uptake of electrolytes. Based on these self-reports, the University of Cape Town's Department of Neuroscience has agreed to do post-graduate studies on the prevention and treatment of sensory overload, commencing in 2015.

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