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I’ve done a pretty terrible job of blogging lately, but part of that is because Ryne canceled our internet in a blind rage. Both the FitBuds and FitClips come with three sizes of ear cushions to ensure a perfect fit. I still haven’t found a pair of earphones I don’t have to mess with while running! Apparently I have teeny tiny ears, because my headphones always fall out because they are so big!
If they actually manage to stay in my ears, after about an hour my ears begin to hurt….
An editorial accompanying a published debate on the pros and cons of starting therapy early in the course of multiple sclerosis comes down in favor of early therapy for this potentially devastating disease. When I’m on the treadmill I hate just staring at the wall or trying to read a magazine. I will spend 100$$$ on new shoes but for some reason I have a hard time spending 20$ on ear-buds.

Using LEDs in the earbuds and battery compartment, iBlink earbuds blink to the time of the music you are listening too.
An ischemic stroke occurs when a cerebral vessel occludes, obstructing blood flow to a portion of the brain. Falling down after a loud noise, such as the sound of your own voice, a cough or even laughter. In live rats with optic-nerve injury, oncomodulin released from tiny sustained-release capsules increased nerve regeneration 5- to 7-fold when given along with a drug that helps cells respond to oncomodulin. These are hallmarks of a debilitating and relatively rare syndrome known as superior canal dehiscence that has stumped clinicians for a long time.Victims lose balance, fall down stairs, are unable to read or sleep due to loud noises inside their head, and some become convinced they are mentally ill, suffering from symptoms that won't yield to conventional therapy. Now, Johns Hopkins surgeons have proven that these symptoms can all be successfully treated by a single operation that plugs up a threadbare layer of bone in the inner ear.Superior canal dehiscence occurs in roughly equal numbers of men and women and is often not diagnosed until after age 40, when symptoms, such as hearing loss, appear to worsen. However, patients often recall that initial symptoms happened much earlier in their lives."The surgical plugging procedure can put a stop to even severe symptoms and can lead to a return to normal daily activities and, in some cases, to a mild-to-moderate improvement in hearing," says Lloyd B. Charging is simple enough, one end plugs into the battery compartment on the earbuds and the other plugs into the USB port of any PC.

Once fully charged the earbuds have an impressive battery life of 30 hours continuous play and 28 days of standby time before they need to be recharged. The iBlink earbuds also come with three different sized ear tips because in the case of ears, one size does not fit all. I really had to crank up the volume to cut out the background noise I was getting from my television.
To be fair, the big problem with the noise isolation was probably to to the poor fit I got from the included ear tips. For the price, the iBlinks deliver a good mix of quality and gimmick, and let's face it, with the hundreds of low cost earbuds on the market right now, to get ahead you have to get something that stands out.
The sound quality is definitely a step up from some of the headphones that have come with my various mp3 players over the years and was on par with my Creative Labs earbuds.

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