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Noise in head when falling asleep, are there any remedies for tinnitus - For Begninners

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Exploding head syndrome can lead to sleeping as well as psychological problems such as a panic disorder and depression. Hypnic Jerks while Falling Asleep- Hypnic jerks, or exploding head syndrome, are sleep disorders characterized by quick, sudden seizures that occur while falling asleep, and may cause insomnia.
However, if you experience severe headaches along with hypnic jerks, then you should call 911 right away.

In some cases, hypnic jerks can become habitual, leading to insomnia, especially if that person suffers from stress or panics over difficulty falling asleep. Exploding Head Syndrome is a similar parasomnia experience.Parasomnias are unintentional movements or behaviors that occur during sleep-wake transitions and Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which are the deepest periods of sleep consisting of sporadic eye movements and dreams.

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