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The noise has been talked about worldwide and also made local newspaper headlines in the UK. People from different parts of the world have been left terrified after hearing what is believed to be an evil-sounding trumpet noise coming from an unknown location in the sky. In a video shot last month from Germany, a child can be seen frightened stiff as the strange noise blasted from afar. Wookey added that she does not believe that the events had any connection with religious acts, or that the noises could have come from aliens, trains or construction.

Aaron Traylor, a resident of Montana, said that he had been suffering from nightmares after he uploaded the frightening sounds.
According to reports, scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) believe the noise could potentially be the "background noise" of the Earth.
29, 2013, Wookey claimed she was awoken by the loud noise, which she knew she had heard before. When they heard the eerie sound, his daughter was suddenly stopped in her tracks and his dog's ears perked up.

While most people are unaware of this phenomenon, the noises occur around people all the time.

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