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This webpage contains earthquake "sounds" created from seismic recordings all around the world. Several microearthquakes near the Coso geothermal field were triggered during the wavetrains from the Chilean mainshock, with the largest earthquake (M=3.4) occurred during the large-amplitude Love waves. See below for an animation generated for the tremor around Parkfield triggered by the 2002 Denali Fault earthquake.

They provide a unique way for us to listen to the vibration of the Earth that is otherwise inaudible to us, and to decipher the complicated earthquake physics and triggering processes. Similar to the Parkfield example, it also show many early aftershocks that were not reported in the standard earthquake catalog. In comparison, the earthquake generated stronger shear waves that arrived later than the P wave.

In this audio, you can hear the P wave of the Chile mainshock as low-pitch thunder, triggered earthquakes in the Coso region as distinct gunshots, and triggered tremor around the San Andreas fault as rattle snakes.

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