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No more sleepless nights workbook, symptoms of depression and anxiety - For Begninners

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Though obviously many sleep robbers such as stress or a poor sleep environment are not gender related, certain sleep adversaries such as hormone-instigated night sweats or the demands of trying to juggle work and new motherhood are specific to women.
Heller, is a charming and inexpensive little handbook full of simple, easily implemented methods for assessing your night's sleep and making it the healthiest, most restorative experience it can be.

Heller takes a naturalistic approach, promoting sleep-inducing tips like keeping your feet warm at night or drinking chamomile tea, but she concludes with a chapter about what to do and where to turn when self-help doesn't work. This step-by-step approach is followed by chapters on solutions to each particular "sleep stealer," including night work, jet lag and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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