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The first drugs to treat hearing conditions such as tinnitus could be available in the next five years, according to a new report. It said new drugs could help alleviate some types of tinnitus, reduce hearing loss associated with loud noise exposure, middle ear infections and counter specific anti-cancer drugs that cause hearing loss. The existing drugs to treat epilepsy don’t always work and can have serious side effects. Research shows that tinnitus arises within the central nervous system, and may be caused by increased neural activity in regions of central auditory pathway. Autifony is developing a novel drug, AUT00063, that may help to treat people with some types of tinnitus, in particular tinnitus associated with hearing loss following noise exposure or ageing.

The charity Action on Hearing Loss said that with five drugs already in the final stages of clinical testing and a further 13 in the early stages of clinical development, it expects the first new products to be approved and on the market by 2020. Action on Hearing Loss chief executive Paul Breckell said: “Remarkable progress has been made bringing us to a point where there are a number of promising new treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus being clinically tested. Our content is provided by many sources and universities, and our team scours the globe for the latest and most important epilepsy news. They range from drugs affecting the central nervous system to electrical treatments and auditory and cognitive behavioural therapies. Thus treatments for tinnitus need to focus on targets within the brain, and not the cochlea.

The numbers on tinnitus are not as clearcut, but the American Tinnutus Association estimates 2 million people have tinnitus so disabling they have troubling functioning in daily life. Tinnitus can arise from many possible different causes, and is often accompanied by hearing loss.

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