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Microsemi CMPG's ultra-low power, standards-compliant radio solutions provide high-speed wireless links between implanted medical devices and monitoring and programming equipment. Slightly larger than the typical man’s watch, the Eon Mini neurostimulator has a thin 10 mm profile and weighs 29 grams (approximately 1 oz). With neurostimulation therapy, devices with rechargeable batteries have quickly become the standard.
Rechargeable neurostimulators are designed with a battery reserve to protect the device from damage should a patient discontinue therapy. Introduced in March 2005, the Eon neurostimulator was upgraded in September 2006 with NeuroDynamix(TM) technology, a proprietary microchip and enhanced software design, which contribute to the increased battery efficiency.
Jude Medical has announced Japanese approval of its Eon Mini implantable spinal cord stimulation (SCS) device for treatment of chronic pain in the lower back or legs.

Additionally, the device has the greatest recommended implant depth of any rechargeable SCS device. Jude Medical has received both FDA approval and EU’s CE Mark for an upgraded version of its Eon device for spinal cord stimulation therapy. At high stimulation parameters, a 10-year-old Eon device will maintain at least 24 hours of continuous therapy between recharges. The Eon neurostimulator’s battery reserve allows the device to be safely recharged for up to 18 months after stimulation has been discontinued.
The neurostimulator, which is both FDA cleared and CE marked, has the best battery life and lowest physical profile among rechargeable SCS devices. The thin profile and greater implant depth potentially makes the neurostimulator less noticeable and more comfortable for patients.

For patients, this means the Eon device can provide sustainable therapy and maintain a reasonable recharge interval for 10 years, potentially resulting in fewer battery replacement surgeries. Jude Medical monitored the device’s performance since the initial product introduction in 2005.

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