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Natural remedies for headaches, fever fatigue sore throat - How to DIY

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Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) Rich in parthenolide to inhibit serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for carrying pain information to the brain. Mint, peppermint: (Piperita Mentha, Mentha rotundifolia) Very useful to cure headaches that have their origin in a digestive problem (Infusion of a spoonful of flowering tops per cup of water. Rosemary: (Rosmarinus officinalis) Slightly lowers the pain of menstruation and facilitates the discharge, avoiding collateral problems as headaches, stomach ache, etc. Bilberry: (Vaccinium myrtillus) It may help reduce the headache caused by poor circulation problems.
Coffee: (Coffea sp) Caffeine has vasoconstrictive properties that may explain the analgesic properties of coffee, being able to deflate pericranial vessels, which are responsible for migraine. This determines that the infusion of coffee may be suitable for the treatment of pain, especially headache.

Linden (Tilia sp) Very useful to eliminate the headaches that have an emotional origin (Infusion of flowering tops half teaspoon per cup of water. Headache is ailing every person per day and the situation is more wretched when it is coupled with tension along with depression. You may feel weird when we talk about using Cayenne as one of the home remedies for headaches. Apart from the home remedies for headaches stretching and relaxing yourself is a physical means to calm down your banging head.
Thus, it was used diluted to combat migraine or headache, especially in cases of hemicrania, when the pain is only affecting one part of the head.
In fact, in official medicine, caffeine is used in the preparation of medications for headache since this component potentiates the analgesic effects.

John's wort: (Hyperycum perforatum) (Spray temples with essential oil) (Sitz baths and foot with the resulting liquid of having the plant for 10 hours immersed in cold water. Applying the apple cider vinegar in the form of steam or vaporised form is one of the effective home remedies for headaches. Researches reveal the goodness of fish oil as one of the potential home remedies for headaches. It may lead you to dilemma whether to take aspirin or not; but rarely people can endure the headache and gives up at certain point and intake the pain killers which merely is a temporary way with multiple side effects.

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