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Mostly tinnitus is not a big medical condition but sometimes it indicates other serious underlying problems hence has to be checked. Garlic helps reduce inflammation as it is said to be antimicrobial and antiviral in nature. Tinnitus is caused by age, infection, injury, listening to loud music or exposure to any loud noise, respiratory infections, altitude, earwax blockage, changes in ear bone, etc.
Thus, natural home remedies and herbs are sufficient to get rid of irritation and the buzzing sound in the ears to get relief.
If swelling is one of the causes for tinnitus as there are various reasons for it, pineapple is the right choice as it is also known to cure inflammation in the middle ear.

At the same time, tinnitus is associated with nutritional deficiencies and diseases like high blood pressure, circulatory problems and diabetes. Sometimes tinnitus is caused due to infection in the middle ear as a result of which pus gets accumulated and is blocked causing the sounds.
It has natural antibiotic properties to help reduce and combat the bacteria that cause infection in the ears.
Vegetables juices clear off the mucus that clogs and blocks the ears, one of the reasons for ringing. Garlic is one of the most valuable medicines as its extract is used as a constituent of the medicines used for hearing loss.

It is a cleansing process by the vegetables that is responsible for improving blood circulation. The best part is these home remedies have no side effects and can be prepared easily at home.

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