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Allergies are driven by the immune system after exposure to a specific component which may be a food or environmental factors or chemical reactions. The reaction and its virulence is determined by the type of allergy you have, and although normally associated discomfort besides not present additional complications, some are life-threatening allergies and should exercise extreme caution as in anaphylactic shok. Food poisoning are fairly common and produce reactions of all kinds, these reactions occur by eating a food to which you are allergic or intolerant, which can not be ascertained without an examination to determine the condition, although repetitive reactions are alert the patient on the suspicion that there is an allergic predisposition of the body to these components. Intolerance’s produce mild reactions while allergies can cause severe reactions and even death from anaphylactic shock, being the most severe form of allergy that can be experienced and can also be produced by exposure to other components that have nothing to do with food as drugs and stings of certain insects. Medications can also cause allergic reactions in some people as penicillin widespread towards this general antibiotic allergy and in these cases, can be useful to take some IDBadge facilitate protocol in case of accidents.
Autoimmune diseases can cause allergies to certain foods or compounds as in the case of celiac disease, which has an extensive reagent box when gluten intolerant people eat this kind of food. In such cases, it may appear runny nose and that is if we have a stuffy nose for the environment, our bodies can not determine the cause and so, you need something that we can uncover the nose immediately.

In this type of allergy, you can get conjunctivitis and this result can be a trigger for something more serious.
You will need to leave the herb chamomile in a bowl with hot water, then put it in our refrigerator and let it stand for 24 hours.
This type of allergies can be a cause of various health problems, prepare a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, it can help calm or even eliminate allergy. Chamomile tea, but instead of taking it must breathe for about 5 minutes, which will help reduce congestion. The use of anti-inflammatory creams may be useful in the treatment of skin lesions on the skin, although not all allergies include rashes and eruptions their reactive forms. Not all allergies or patients are candidates for this type of therapy, usually immune responses related to environmental factors such as pollen or dust mites often provide better results in suppression of the immune response. When in doubt of a possible allergic disease is advisable to use products especially suitable for allergy sufferers in personal care, as most commercial products include chemicals in their composition which can cause allergic reactions in susceptible persons and sensitivity, as in the case of contact dermatitis.

Cleaning is always essential especially when it comes to allergies caused by environmental factors such as dust, in which case we must also avoid all objects that tend to accumulation in the curtains on the windows can be replaced by blinds or folding panels easier to clean up. Chewing a clove of garlic for 2 minutes, it may be ideal to unclog the nose, because of its strong flavor, this will make our nostrils, back to normal. To avoid this problem, you can use chamomile for red eyes, because that is grass components are ideal to give our eyes its normal hue.

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