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In most cases of narcolepsy not all four symptoms are present, only around 23% of all narcoleptics experience all four symptoms.
Narcoleptics are a special and strange case because the natural pattern of sleeping and dreaming is disturbed. Scientists have been able to discover that narcolepsy is typically manifested in young adulthood and adolescence.
If only one or two symptoms are seen in the patient then doctors might have a hard time diagnosing the patient as narcoleptic.
Narcolepsy first manifests itself in EDS and then the other symptoms come out through the course of the years.

Some treatments that are being tested now are sleep therapy, or forcing narcoleptics into a consistent sleep cycle and a variety of drugs.
Narcolepsy is a neurological condition that is best known for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS). So the narcoleptics can fall immediately in a deep sleep without having to pass through a dozing period. A person who is narcoleptic will often have disturbed sleep during the night, not exactly insomnia but close enough and he or she will have REM or rapid eye movement during sleep. Doctors also urge narcoleptics to take lots of sort naps throughout the day, especially before working or driving.

A narcoleptic can remain drowsy the whole day even after a good night’s sleep, or he can fall asleep for short periods of time throughout the day and have a bad time sleeping at night.

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