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Bromelain is an enzyme found in the stem and juice of pineapple that can be anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing for arthritis patients. For the initial 24–72 hours following the onset of muscle pain, apply a bag of frozen peas, an ice pack, or ice wrapped in cloth to the points of discomfort to reduce swelling and provide immediate pain relief. After the first 72 hours of muscle pain, heat is usually more soothing and conducive to speedy muscle recovery. Magnesium shortfalls affect 80 percent of adults, but the nutrient is key for energy production, muscle strength, and bone health. While muscle pain can be symptomatic of infections and disorders, it is most commonly caused by tension, injury to, or overuse of muscles.

Supplementary ginger, ginger tea, and extracts of ginger can be consumed to relieve discomfort, and topical applications of ginger root to the site of pain may also have a deeply soothing effect on fatigued muscles.
Consuming bromelain supplements or applying tinctures topically to painful muscles is beneficial to speeding up recovery when suffering with muscle fatigue. Apply peppermint oil topically to aching muscles to enjoy its cooling sensation, which creates heat beneath the surface of the skin to relax the muscles and reduce pain.
Create a warm and soothing poultice by wrapping raw preparations of any of the suggested anti-inflammatory herbs in cloth and infusing in warm water, before applying it directly to the point of muscle pain. Once your muscles feel stronger, re-introduce exercise to your routine gradually; begin with gentle swimming and walking and increase intensity over time.

Muscle fatigue is usually not cause for concern, but it can make physical activity uncomfortable or even temporarily impossible.
If your muscle pain occurs alongside other unusual symptoms, is severe, or lasts for longer than one week, it is advisable to arrange a medical exam with your doctor to identify the cause of the pain and rule out more serious health concerns.

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