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Treatment for multiple myeloma is always tailored to the specific stage of the disease and the patient’s age, renal function, overall health status, and other needs. According to the American Cancer Society, various drugs are being investigated for multiple myeloma, including those that may aid in blocking blood vessel growth in multiple myeloma patients. Although there is no cure for multiple myeloma, patients are benefiting from the significantly improved treatment options that have emerged in the past decade and improve survival rate and decrease pain and complications.27 A diagnosis of multiple myeloma presents challenges for its patients, but ongoing research to help improve the overall quality of life of multiple myeloma patients offers a glimmer of hope.

Knowledge about the disease, its management, and possible treatments is a patient’s best defense in the fight against multiple myeloma.
Identification of an ABCB1 (P-glycoprotein)-positive carfilzomib-resistant myeloma subpopulation by the pluripotent stem cell fluorescent dye CDy1 [published online January 22, 2013].

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