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Ms paint tutorial, sleep aid cvs - Within Minutes

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I oddly enough always used a different "drawing" technique in paint though, I free formed my black solid line art instead of sketching and erasing. If your photo is too light or too dark, then you may need to overlay a dark or light transparency over it (see Blending tutorial).
Now open a new instance of MS Paint and set it to the same size as your image and fill it in with some solid color.

There are probably other tutorials out there for the super souped-up paint versions out now. Please leave comments and post any MS Paint experimentations that you have done from using this tutorial. In order to do this without covering up your line art, with the Eraser tool selected, RIGHT click, holding down and paint with it just like the brush tool.

If you would like to compress to some other sort of file extension like a JPG or PNG, then do it through a image editing program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.

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