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Fatigue is one the most common symptoms of MS—affecting about 80 percent of people with the condition, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Although exercising when you’re fatigued sounds contradictory, doing physical activities can help increase your energy level. Factors such as lighting, temperature and the layout of your home and office could contribute to fatigue. Research has found that about 30 percent of people with MS have trouble sleeping at night, which can contribute to daytime fatigue. Unfortunately, there are only a few medications that seem to show some relief for MS fatigue.

Consider ways to make your environment the most energy efficient, such as avoiding too much heat, which can aggravate fatigue. It is one of the most common symptoms of MS – some studies say up to 90 per cent of people with MS have fatigue – and can affect people with MS for hours, days or even months. It has been used in the treatment of MS fatigue since the 1980s but a review of clinical trials has shown it to provide small and inconsistent improvements, from 20 to 40 per cent in the short term.
Because fatigue is hidden, people with MS may find that those around them don’t understand fatigue and its impact. Trials using modafinil in MS fatigue have involved small numbers and have been over a short treatment period (a maximum of 12 weeks), but have mostly shown a positive effect.

However, many people find they can use techniques such as task prioritisation, taking a regular nap during the day, working part-time, asking for help with daily chores, and doing regular exercise to help minimise the impact of their fatigue. Cognitive fatigue could include difficulty following a conversation or thinking of words or numbers.

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