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Just before we get into the MS diet details, remember, I’m not a doctor so please ensure you consult with a medical professional to see whats right for you – I’m just someone who wants to share what has worked for me! The following list is about every day foods that you might eat as part of your normal diet. Excluding all of the above foods from your diet will take a complete overhaul of your current lifestyle, meal plans and shopping list.
Targeting these nutrients is very important, but it’s not always easy to know how to include them in your diet. I recommend adding the following condiments to your ms diet – each adds value to your nutrient in-take, and will make a significant difference to your weekly food consumption. Please let me know how you are finding this way of eating, and what your MS diet consists of. Last week I was honoured to be asked to speak a group of people with MS about the importance of diet. Many people are immediately threatened when told that they need to give up, pretty much, all their favourite foods on the MS diet.
PS: If you need help with MS diet meal plans, recipes, fasting guides, or even one-on-one coaching, please visit the Resources page. About KimI was diagnosed with MS in 2010, but am living a normal life [never taken meds].Let me help you live symptom free for longer, as I share what I have learned from 2 years of intense MS diet research. In fact I am trying to be a part of your group so I can get some guidance regarding food and diet. I have used bits and pieces from various sources to put together a MS diet I believe that works.

However, most people find that their symptoms start returning again and that they need to permanently exclude these foods from their Multiple Sclerosis diet. I have specifically excluded supplements as I will be going into that in a lot more detail separately, so this page is primarily about foods you should and shouldn’t eat as part of your Multiple Sclerosis diet.
Roy Swank, probably the most famous Multiple Sclerosis diet researcher in the field had quite a bit to say about saturated fat. The success stories that I have come across have confirmed many of the diet prescriptions given to me. Basically, you need a diet that is high in raw fruit and vegetables and supplies all the necessary nutrients. Our new MS Diet For Women Community is also growing quickly, we'd love you to join us and get the support you need!
Let me help YOU live symptom free for longer, as I share what I have learned about a healthy MS diet.
If you are already following a healthy MS diet, then exercise is something that will take your body to the next step. It goes hand in hand with your MS diet to start a healing process and restore lost functions. Effective and consistent exercise is definitely lacking in my MS diet lifestyle at the moment. He was given the opportunity to spend 5 years researching MS and discovered that diet affected MS prognosis.
You can get MS diet meal plans, recipes, fasting guides, or even one-on-one coaching on the Resources page.

I generally eat healthy but have only just come across the MS diet and so have set myself the challenge to stick to both. Its great that you have decided to transition to the MS diet – try changing 1 or 2 things in your diet every week, that will help make sure your body and mind adjusts better. It has been compiled with the help of a number of medical doctors and experts, diet consultants, and months of intensive research. Just as some people are allergic to certain foods while others are not, following an MS diet correctly is not a guarantee that it will work for you.
My MS diet is also largely based on findings by Dr Roy Swank as well as Dr Terry Wahls [The Wahls Foundation], who I have mentioned already. Small studies have shown that people who consumed a diet rich in omega 3 oils had an improved relapse rate, slower disease progression and improved MS symptoms. If you have questions, try reading the MS Diet FAQ [frequently asked questions] page first. The cow’s milk MS link is further reinforced by the finding that certain proteins in cow’s milk mimic part of the myelin sheath protein, the part of myelin thought to initiate the autoimmune reaction, so it really should be excluded from your MS diet. Habits are eventually formed and without you even realising it, the MS Diet becomes a way of life.

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