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In a throwback to the colour-changing mood rings and Hypercolour T-shirts of the 1990s, a UK bodyshop has taken it a step further by creating a colour-changing car. It was only a matter of time before technology finally caught up to our middle school love of mood rings.
Finnish startup Moodmetric has developed a tool for tracking emotional responses based on electrical conductance of our skin—and packaged it in a fashionable piece of jewelry.The Moodmetric smart ring was unveiled at the Slush conference in Finland this week and is expected to be available to the public by summer 2015. But this car will also collect your personal driving data and suggest destinations based on your mood.

Unlike the mood rings you might find in a claw machine at a local arcade, the Moodmetric ring doesn’t actually change colors to tell you your mood.
Rather, the ring itself is made up of a biological sensor that tracks the skin’s “galvanic skin response,” or the way the body responds to psychological or physical arousal. The ring then process the data, and by using a Bluetooth chip hidden in the ring’s “stone,” it sends the information to a smartphone app. Hypercolour tshirts, mood rings and Duracell battery state indicators all use thermochratic dyes.

The Moodmetric ring can’t interpret specific feelings like anger, heartbreak, or happiness, but it detects emotional levels and monitors how strong a reaction is, or whether a person is calm or relaxed.

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