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Welcome to the home of mental health information, guides, features, experts, news and community. A woman has been fired after discussing mental health implications of abortion with family planning colleagues. We at Mental Healthy seek to provide our readers with the most up-to-date mental health resources, news and information, but also it is our firm belief that we should encourage our readers to seek further support beyond that which we can give. Mental health charities offer different types of help, each specialising in a particular area. There are many mental health charities in the UK that can help support you both in a crisis and over the long term. SANE offers a helpline and email service, as well as an online support forum – with the help of a 130-strong team of rigorously-trained volunteers. MHF is the UK’s leading mental health research, policy and service-improvement charity. The Centre for Mental health also supports work on more broad mental health and public policy.
Mind is a leading mental health charity for England and Wales, working to promote understanding of mental health, improve services and provide support to those with mental health problems. Young Minds is the leading mental health charity for children and young people, whose voices are central to the work they carry out – which includes lobbying, influencing, and providing training and development to professionals, parents and young people. Young Minds is at the heart of national discourse on mental health issues, and plays a central part in the influence and pressure put on the Government to improve and sustain the mental health services in the UK. Rethink Mental Illness supports almost 60,000 people each year across the UK to get through mental health-related crises and to live independently.
The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) is Scotland's leading mental health charity. BasicNeeds is an international development charity, working to improve the lives of those with mental health problems around the world.

Its work also covers sufferers of epilepsy, as in some lesser-developed countries, sufferers of epilepsy are taken to psychiatric services and face similar discrimination to those suffering with mental health problems. If you would like to suggest any charity we may have missed out, please leave leave a short description of the charity on our mental health blog.
Selecting the right mental health professional requires research, patience and asking the right questions. Facts and statistics about mental illness and the economic and disability burden they impose are startling to say the least. We have an array of expert guides on mental illness including; anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia and dissociative disorders.
Whilst we always encourage people to get individual medical help by firstly seeing their GP, we can also suggest accessing additional support through the following established charities. They all help to promote mental wellbeing, tackle stigma and improve services and treatment for those with mental health problems – as well as offering the chance for you to get involved. It aims to raise public awareness of mental health, improve treatment, campaign for change, combat stigma, and stimulate neuroscience and treatment-related research. It carries out and publishes research, develops practical solutions to improving mental health services, campaigns to reduce stigma and promote better mental health across the country.
The charity has a particular focus on employment and mental health in the workplace, criminal justice and recovery and children. It also runs a Legal Advice Service, providing individuals with information on law relating to mental health.
The Young Minds website also has a regularly-updated blog, including personal stories from young people with mental health problems. It offers a range of practical and personal services to those suffering with mental health problems – including one-to-one support and supported accommodation. It is the largest national voluntary sector provider of mental health services, with over 150 support groups and around 250 services.

It offers community-based services for people with mental health problems, and is involved in campaigning and influencing policy. It aims to change the way we think and talk about eating disorders, improve services and treatment and help instil the belief that eating disorders can be beaten.
Established in 1999 and with 88 full-time staff, BasicNeeds helps people get access to treatment and to start to earn a living, as well as working with communities to eliminate stigma.
Yet it’s surprising how few Americans are aware of these facts or know how seek help in times of need. We have sections on brain disorders, learning and cognitive issues, and other mental health problems. Mind also campaigns on a range of national issues affecting those with mental health problems, such as employment and legal rights.
Rethink works closely with government policies that affect those with mental health problems, including campaigning for policy change. We also have areas that focus on proactive mental health and wellbeing, such as fitness, food, relaxation and sleep.
While our real-life sections with stories and blogs give us true insight into what it is really like living with mental illness and inspiring true tales of how individuals find their way back to good mental health.
Published by the people who brought you Uncovered Magazine, the first mental health magazine on the UK newsstand.

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