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The goal of the Research Center for Symptom Management (RCSM) is to advance the knowledge in the field of symptom management and, thereby, improve health care providers' practice and individuals' symptom outcomes. If symptom control is not achieved, frequently individuals' valued activities are disrupted and their quality of life adversely affected.
Create mechanisms for synergy, cooperation, and collaboration among interdisciplinary clinical investigators working in the area of symptom management. This program centers on symptom experience, intervention strategies, and outcomes related to pain, dyspnea, or fatigue and sleep disturbance.
Emphasis is placed on dimensions of the symptom, biological and genetic markers, qualitative and quantitative methods, and designing studies using therapeutic strategies to improve outcomes.
Increase the number of ethnically diverse nurse scholars prepared to conduct research on symptom management.

The training program includes the approved PhD curriculum and quarterly ProSeminars dealing specifically with critical analysis of research issues related to symptoms. Predoctoral trainees do research residencies with funded research teams on aspects of symptom management.
Postdoctoral training is tailored to individual needs focused on complex issues and advanced methodologies related to symptoms. Symptoms are a major problem for individuals and their families since their management and resulting outcomes are often their own responsibility.
Outcomes can include reduced symptoms, improved quality of life, and economic cost savings. The School of Nursing is building a culturally diverse faculty and student body to address the health care needs of our society.

ProSeminars include (Fall) biopsychosocial and cultural influences on perception, evaluation and response to symptoms, (Winter) management strategies for individuals and families, and (Spring) valid and reliable measures of outcomes such as quality of life, health care utilization, and cost (Spring). The residencies focus on learning skills related to data collection and management, assessment, measurement in human and animal models, and grant management.
In addition to Fall, Winter, and Spring ProSeminars, Summer Quarter offers a seminar on grants management and grant writing activities that include abstracts, progress reports, and final reports. Many people wonder if they are "doing the right thing" and if their symptom management strategies are appropriate.

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