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According to Bui Ha Duc and Xiaoping Li of the National University of Singapore writing in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal Computer Applications in Technology, mental fatigue has become commonplace as many people face increasing mental demands from stressful jobs, longer working hours with less time to relax and increasingly suffer sleep problems. Here the text will be limited only to the kind of mental fatigue which may appear after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), stroke or other neurological diseases. Recent research carried out by Plant and Food Research in New Zealand has suggested that an extract of New Zealand blackcurrants enriched in anthocyanins can help people maintain higher levels of mental clarity for sustained periods.
A new study carried out using brain scans could help scientists uncover the neurobiological mechanisms underlying mental fatigue. Mental fatigue has received attention from those involved generally in health and well being as well as from the military and transport industry. We use the concept of mental fatigue as a generic term for the mental fatigue and long recovery time which the person may experience. Worse still, mental fatigue is well known to cause sickness and physical exhaustion, too!Mental fatigue or exhaustion can be a consequence of your work, family life, struggle, or a lack of quality sleep.
After all, mental fatigue not only affects the health of individuals but can also have implications for road safety and international security. All volunteers had to have avoided alcohol and caffeine for the 24 hours prior to the experiment, were all physically and mentally fit prior to participation and none had any sleep problems.

The fMRI scans suggest that decreased activity in this part of the brain is therefore linked to those familiar feelings of mental fatigue including lethargy and slowness of thinking. If you need to make a significant decision, mental stress can simply take its toll on you and can eventually even result in serious depression.
Psychological fatigue is seen in states of depression, is relatively constant over time and is not specifically improved by rest.
Below are a few suggestions that will help you to reduce mental exhaustion and begin implementing a relaxation routine:Take some time out on your own. Mental fatigue with a long time to restore the energy is most often seen during the rehabilitation after TBI, stroke or other neurological diseases and inflammations which affect the brain. Symptoms may be prominent immediately after the injury or disease and often decline gradually, but mental fatigue can be long lasting for some people. The degree of the fatigue and the time to restore the energy appears not to have any relation to the severity of the trauma or disease. Furthermore, the extent of the fatigue seems to be independent of which part of the brain is primarily affected. The person suffering from this kind of mental fatigue may experience rapid mental exhaustion after mental activity which is disproportionate to what is expected.

In today’s society, we have to take in, process and handle a lot of information, which may be too taxing for those suffering from mental fatigue. While you sleep, the body can repair itself and recharge.Using Your Own Personal StrategiesThese are merely a number of the available strategies to prevent mental exhaustion. For those suffering from mental fatigue, it can be taxing to read a book or to watch television. Those who suffer from mental fatigue (blue line) often experience varying degrees of fatigue during the course of a day. Many persons may feel rather fit in the morning, but as the day passes, the fatigue increases and becomes more prominent.

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