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Mental disorder test colored circles, hypersensitive hearing - How to DIY

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A version of this test can be seen used in the film Little Miss Sunshine, in which a small girl is playing with the vision test chart with her brother. Ken I am color blind also, but unlike you I am patient with people and just tell them I dont know what color it is. Vanessa, being color blind means that it is either very difficult to near impossible to distinguish between different colors. If you are interested by the way, I might have some links to inverse colour blindness tests (only visible if you actually are colour blind) somewhere. I have heard somewhere that only men are color blind, women don’t usffer this, and that the rate of color blindness in men is 1 in 12. If you see a 5 in the first circle you probably won’t have a problem in seeing colors. They also have a couple circles that look like they should be a number, but are actually gibberish (i.e. I would absolutely LOVE to see the inverse pictures, so I could maybe widen my perspective as to what colorblindness is like (obviously I am NOT saying that I could ever fully understand”). I really like the black and white versions of the 10 and 37 bc at least we can experience the inability to differentiat colors. I def think i see a circle pattern of some sort in the middle of the pic with red and pink gradient….
The 3d fly test (where they have you try to grab the wings, etc.) is actually testing depth-perception. What an interesting test, the test will help you to find out if you are a blindness or not.

I’m a pure deuteranomalous (type 2) dichromatic (seeing only 2 of 3 primary colors), medical jargon for green blind person. Okay so my friends sometimes make fun of me because I have poor distinction between colors at times, and now I finally find out that I’m colorblind.
The gray circle on the right demonstrates how some people see the varying shades but don’t differenciate the number.
Finally, if that second-from-the-bottom one is supposed to be a letter or number, I must be colorblind in some way.
I am very colorblind and it has always been an interesting thing to people who discover it. People who do not have a color deficiency shouldn’t try to explain it to people who do not, because you will NEVER see the world as a color deficient person sees it, therefore you will never be able to explain to somebody your crappy crackpot information.
He is not able to see the numbers, or tell the different colors apart well enough to distinguish the numbers.
Because of Dalton’s work, the condition is sometimes called daltonism, although this term is now used for a specific type of color blindness, called deuteranopia. However, color blind people have some advantages over people with normal color vision as well!
If you want to see the 2 like Bnwchbammer, copy the picture into a photo editing program or Word and change the colors into grayscale and you will see the 2 appear. At first I saw only the 5 in the first picture, but when someone pointed out that colorblind people see a 2, I looked back at the picture and now i can see both clearly. Those in a great number could drive your brain in color blindness, because i think it’s unable to concentrate on many details and thus our sight is not always trustworthy.

I noticed a couple that appear to be to distinguish between different types of colorblindness … or possibly to remove some frustration from the testee, since people who are colorblind might see a figure, but not the same figure that non-colorblind people would see. Below you may see the example how one that is colorblind can’t distinguish the numbers on the card. There are some studies which conclude that color blind individuals are better at penetrating certain camouflages. By doing this you can avoid wrong out comings in a colorblindness test, if somebody does not recognizing the picture (like the bigger circles). Reading some of the comments I noticed a few people aren't exactly clear as to what a (partially) colorblind person sees. Its position on a traffic light is just as good a cue as color, but I’ve met a small plane pilot who had the same condition, a disaster waiting to happen! The lower left one in the square of four figures near the top, for example, might appear to be an L if you have a particular type of colorblindness, but an E if you do not. As we already stated, color blindness, or color vision deficiency, is the inability to perceive differences between some of the colors that others can distinguish. I usually can see one number out of several, but when i look at the pictures used in other articles, I can tell a difference in the color if the item is large enough to substanciate it, but in text or smaller objects I can see no difference.

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