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Most people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease will experience some behavioral changes, but findings of a new study reveal that depression, sleep problems and anxiety are indicators that can show up before these patients start to have memory loss. The researchers found that the patients who developed dementia had increased odds of being diagnosed with depression sooner that the patients who did not develop dementia during the study period.
Thirty percent of the patients who developed the degenerative disease had depression during the fourth year of the study while only 15 percent of those who did not have dementia did. The researchers likewise found that the subjects who went on to have dementia also developed other behavioral changes such as irritability, depression and apathy sooner compared with those who did not develop the disease.

The participants underwent a series of tests that assessed any decline in their memory, thinking and other behavioral and functional skills, and the researchers observed that the symptoms occurred in the three phases. Depression, sleep problems and irritability started to exhibit first, which were followed by appetite changes, agitation, anxiety and apathy, and finally delusions, hallucinations, mobility disorder as well as impulsive and inappropriate behavior. Those who were diagnosed with dementia, however, were observed to show these symptoms earlier, suggesting that non-cognitive changes may start before problems with memory start to appear in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
Keith Fargo from the Alzheimer's Association, however, said that the disease, which often affects older adults, does not only pose thinking and memory problems.

This suggests that loss of brain synapses may be linked to depressive symptoms as well as mental impairment.'We hope that by enhancing synaptic connections, either with novel medications or behavioural therapy, we can develop more effective antidepressant therapies,' Prof Duman added.

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