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Alzheimer's Disease, Memory Loss Symptoms Not Always Linked, Study Finds - Good Memory!
The current study was designed to look for more direct evidence that age-related memory loss differs from Alzheimer’s disease.
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Signs and symptoms of memory loss may arise due to a number of possible causes as mentioned above.
Researchers used to believe that the ability to focus causes short-term memory loss in elderly individuals.

Examples of drugs that treat high blood pressure and may cause memory loss are Aldomet, Catepres and Inderal. Some had visual problems, others had issues with language, and still others showed strange behavioral disturbances. Signs and symptoms of memory loss include forgetting things like dates and numbers within a few seconds. The researchers speculate that their findings may lead to better medical treatments of short-term memory loss.
When memory goes blank, the body may be calling out for nutrients that will support the neurotransmitters that are similar to the electrical connections in the brain.

These drugs may help maintain thinking, memory, and speaking skills, and may lessen certain behavioral problems for a few months to a few years in some people.
This, the researchers write, might be because a patient's family members and physicians don't expect dementia to be a problem for someone so young, relatively speaking."[Alzheimer's disease] is a common cause of early-onset dementia and should always be considered as an alternative diagnosis," the authors write.

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