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Operation Medicine Drop aims to cut down on prescription drug abuse and environmental damage by encouraging people to properly dispose of old drugs that are no longer needed. With around 80% of participating agencies reporting so far, the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office leads the collections with 845,625 doses of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Safely disposing of old medications through Operation Medicine Drop events keeps the drugs from being misused or abused with potentially deadly consequences.
Taking old medications to prescription take-back events like Operation Medicine instead of flushing them down the drain also protects the environment, by preventing chemicals from ending up in the water supply.
The SBI gathered the drugs collected by local law enforcement and will deliver them to a North Carolina Division of Environment and Natural Resources approved incinerator in Alamance County for safe destruction.
To educate young people about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, Cooper is partnering with the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, the North Carolina Parent Resource Center, and the Governor’s Institute on Substance Abuse to sponsor a student video competition which runs until April 26. If the number is not matching then you just have to resend the same message so that the Complaint will be registered and the Government will take action to the Company or the store where you brought the medicine. Drug companies sell thousands of drugs for treating the many medical disorders that afflict humans. Let’s start by taking a look at the general ways all these drugs are used to deal with medical disorders.
Although subtle differences exist among the terms, I use medicine, drug, and pharmaceutical interchangeably to refer to any drug that is used for treating medical disorders.
With a few exceptions, this article covers drugs that fall into the second category, the treatment of medical disorders. Most of the medicines used in health care are intended to treat medical disorders – both life threatening and minor.
Most of the medicines we take relieve the symptoms of medical disorders, but do not directly produce a cure.

In other cases, although drugs may relieve distressing symptoms or improve an acute disorder, the body must do the heavy lifting and make the necessary repairs or changes for health to be restored to normal.
Drugs are sometimes used as tools to diagnose the presence of a medical disorder or to assess whether the disorder is getting better or worse. Drugs used to change body function do not necessarily treat a disease or medical dis- order. Turn on the TV or flip through a magazine and you’ll see dozens of ads for drugs intended to treat a variety of lifestyle disorders. More than 12 million doses of old prescription and over-the-counter drugs were collected across North Carolina last week during Operation Medicine Drop, breaking previous records, Attorney General Roy Cooper announced today.
Other interesting items turned in included Hydrocodone and Morphine prescribed in 1958, several packages of children medicines with directions written in Hindi, and a box of controlled substances that had been prescribed to a dog. Nationwide, fatal drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death due to unintentional injury, according to the U.S. Among people ages 12-17, prescription drugs are now the second most abused drug, behind marijuana. The last time you went into your neighborhood pharmacy you saw a bewildering assortment of thousands of ointments, tablets, and sprays as you walked down the drug aisle or peered at the medicine shelves behind the prescription counter.
Drugs can be divided into two major categories: prescription drugs and those that are available without a prescription (over-the-counter, or OTC). Antibiotics and other similar drugs can cure many infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and by the parasites found in many tropical countries.
Drugs used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, or osteoarthritis all relieve the symptoms of these chronic disorders. But the medicines that are now available do not correct their underlying cause and must be taken for a lifetime.

These drugs are intended to improve people’s quality of life but not necessarily their health. Let’s start being more specific and talk about real drugs and medicines which have names. If the particular medicine is original than you will get the reply with the proper Batch Number and the Name of the Pharma Company.
You can also participate in the county initiative of the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day that takes place each year in the Spring and Fall. Prescription drugs are further distinguished by their trade name and generic name, and knowing the difference between the two may save you some big bucks.
Other medicines check and keep under control viral infections and some cancers, but they cannot cure them.
Although Doctors prescribe same medicine in Asia and Europe but the result of the same medicine are different. Division of Public Health, and approximately 1,000 people died in North Carolina last year from overdosing on prescription drugs.
Specially in India, Pakistan and China there are a lot of fake companies that are making the fake drugs. The scary statistic-12 to 17 year olds abuse prescription drugs more than they abuse ecstasy, crack, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine combined.

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