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On a recent tour date in Chicago, Jack White took time to play a few classic rock covers; most notably, Bob Dylan’s “Tell Me That It Isn’t True” and “Manic Depression” by Jimi Hendrix. Louise Taylor from Hanwell has penned a song to give hope to people suffering from depression. Proceeds from a song written by a woman who suffered from depression is going to a charity close to her heart. Louise Taylor, from Hanwell, who sings in the band This Riot Elite, wrote Black Hole, a song about manic-depression. A festival to honour the man who gave the world the iconic Marshall amplifiers is being held next week.

One of the many labels that Ichiban distributed in the early '90s was Crazy Vibe Entertainment, a small company out of Akron, OH. White’s take on the classic song was a bit more gritty on the guitar sound than the original record. I suffered from depression when I was 18 years old, so the song was written a few years later about my experience. Strugglin' Souls falls into the latter category; Manic Depression sounds like it could have been recorded by a hardcore rap group from New York, Philadelphia, or Boston. Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy are prominent influences, and many of the tracks are angrily sociopolitical.

But as hard-hitting and sobering as Manic Depression is, Strugglin' Souls never gets into gangsta rap. Regrettably, Manic Depression turned out to be the only album by Strugglin' Souls, which wasn't in a class with Public Enemy or BDP, but still showed some promise on this decent but overlooked debut.

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