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Bipolar disorder, also called manic depressive disorder, causes dramatic shifts in mood, energy level and behavior.
If someone is experiencing hallucinations or delusions, he or she may be experiencing an extreme form of mania.
Pay attention if depression is accompanied by agitation, anxiety, irritability or restlessness.
Some people who suffer manic depressive disorder may have seasonal mood changes the same as other seasonal affective disorders (SAD).
Although some manic depressive people swing quickly from one mood episode to another, some people stay in a mood episode for longer periods, making it harder to spot the mood swings.
For example, start with feeling great and energetic, explode the roof off of it, and you get the sleeplessness and racing thoughts of mania. Subtract "restless" and "confused and out-of-control" from this list and mania doesn't seem half bad. Researchers once thought that mania and relationships just didn't mix, and there wasn't much you could do about it. Once you understand that your mania is not causing you to sin, you can ask God to teach you how to respond to the temptations that mania brings into your life. When you look at your own manic episodes you should be able to notice the difference between physiologically-based brain excitation and spiritually-based decisions.
You can't promise them that you will never experience another manic episode, but you can, at least, tell them that your goal is to learn to love others in all circumstances, including mania. If you experience manic cycles, you naturally want to bring the extremes into more normal limits, and medication is the only way you know to do that.
The majority of people who experience more extreme mania consult with a psychiatrist or qualified physician about psychiatric medication.
It is hard to find people who are both spiritually mature and alert to the unique challenges of mania.

People suffering from mania feel very energetic despite the fact that they are not getting enough sleep. During a manic episode, people talk so quickly and change topics so frequently that others are unable to follow the conversation.
During episodes of depression, a person may sleep more or less than normal, and sleep could be broken and interrupted. During periods of depression, a person suffering from bipolar disorder may be unable to find anything in life that gives him pleasure.
A mixed episode of manic depressive disorder includes symptoms of both mania and depression. It's possible that medication has looped off the extremes of your mania and others are grateful for this. The most important reason is that it helps you see that mania can't keep you from the most important task of human life: becoming more and more like your Heavenly Father by way of the Spirit that works in you. Tell them you are beginning to see that you do selfish and hurtful things when you are manic, and ask for their forgiveness for particular things you remember. When you are manic, another person's advice can feel like someone throwing cold water on a wonderful and powerful fire.
Manic depressive people experience three different mood episodes: mania, depression, and a mixed state of the two. For others, mania is apparent to everyone and results in legal problems or enforced hospitalization. Mania, although it's very challenging, will not stand in your way of knowing God, loving Him, and loving other people.
When you are manic, you believe that your insights are particularly discerning, and you are especially loyal to your perspective regardless of who might be appealing to you to listen. But if you are familiar with the Bible, you realize that it teaches us how to see everything, mania included.

Scripture examines mania, and, without ignoring the uniqueness of it, reminds us that our similarities outweigh our differences.
For yourself, the more you understand mania, the better you can manage it and even grow through it. Or your mania might be on a biannual, yearly or multi-year cycle with long periods of normalcy in between. Each story will be unique, and you won't find many stories that bring a radically biblical perspective to mania, but in those stories you will find words for yourself. This will become a profound protection for you in your life, whether you ever experience mania again or not. Others who experience mania have found that growth in godly wisdom can sometimes limit the manic episodes and always limits the damage done during them. With their help try to distinguish between behavior that is from a manic brain and behavior that is spiritual, based in your heart and your knowledge of God. It's as if the body can't sustain the energetic highs, and its plea for rest overshoots its goal and careens toward depression. Since, in light of your manic cycles, you need wisdom now more than ever, the knowledge and fear of the Lord are essential.
Since you might actually enjoy mania, at least when it is not extreme, you might be reluctant to try medication.

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