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Managing chronic tinnitus as phantom auditory pain, causes of tinnitus radiology - Reviews

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In an attempt to get to the bottom of this health mystery -- a problem known as tinnitus -- researchers at the University of Iowa use specialized invasive brain monitoring technology to locate and observe the brain networks responsible for phantom ear ringing in real time. The monitoring technique is typically used during epilepsy surgery, but the technology proved vital to tracking the neurological origins of tinnitus.
Even though 1 in 5 people deal with some form of tinnitus, however, it's not necessarily common for people needing epilepsy surgery to also experience significant bouts of phantom ear ringing.
To locate the source of tinnitus, researchers compared brain signals during weaker and stronger moments of ringing.
Whereas actual sounds -- even those imitating phantom ringing -- produce brain activity in an especially contained and localized fashion, phantom ringing produces a vast network of brain stimulation.
They also looked at brain signals while the patient listened to an actual ring that mimicked the phantom sound.

14 (UPI) -- The Food and Drug Administration approved OxyContin for use with children in specific health situations to manage chronic and extreme pain.
No loud noise trauma had preceded the tinnitus, as it does for some sufferers — it was suddenly just there.
Of the 50 million Americans who experience tinnitus at some point in their lives and the 16 million who are bothered enough to seek help, 2 million have it to a degree so severe that it’s debilitating, according to the American Tinnitus Association.
Rauschecker believes that many understand tinnitus backwards, assuming a causal relationship between the tinnitus and the behavioral problems so common among patients with the condition, as if tinnitus was the cause, and the depression, anxiety and insomnia, the effect.
Using state-of-the-art MRI scanners to peer deep inside the brains of tinnitus patients, Cheung and his team have managed to pinpoint an important source of the phantom noise.
His team has developed a five-step program that includes audiology testing and evaluations, the use of external sounds to manage tinnitus, and cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches coping techniques.

That accident, and the painful recovery that followed, made her especially attuned to managing pain.
She has since developed a mindfulness program for tinnitus, modeled after techniques used for chronic pain.

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