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We have observed over the years the number of individuals with depression increasing at alarming rates.
According to the Mayo Clinic, depression affects about 6 million American men and 12 million American women each year. Usually adult males who are unable to make emotional connections with the women they choose to be intimate with are frozen in time, unable to allow themselves to love for fear that the loved one will abandon them. Recognizing depression and the feelings associated with it is culturally more difficult for men than women. Unlike other illnesses there is a tendency to associate depression with weakness, vulnerability, laziness and withholding.
Given that women are twice as likely to suffer with depression as men, there is a tendency – even in clinical diagnosis – to associate depression with symptoms more likely reported by women. For years, data has suggested that there is a substantial discrepancy between the rates of depression in men and women.

According to the a report from Helio Psychiatry, depression scales that include both traditional and alternative symptoms for depression found men and women experience the condition at similar rates.
They then compared these findings to normal depression rates and evaluations using the Gender Depression Scale (GIDS) which is based on each of the MSS assessments, as well as the traditional depression symptoms. Marianne Legato MD, expert in gender-specific medicine, notes “I have long been convinced that depression is under-reported, under-diagnosed, and under-treated in men, largely because of the way they’re socialized.” Men are taught directly and indirectly not to cry in sadness or pain.
More common in men than women, depression is often reflected in stress headaches, stomach problems and chronic pain – Something missed by men as well as the people around them. Women are diagnosed with depression at twice the rate of men, and literature has repeatedly confirmed the gap. Interestingly, diagnosis methods based only on alternative symptoms resulted in higher depression rates for men.
The message internalized by too many is not to talk about feelings – not to talk about depression.

If they stop to consider that their physical symptoms and behaviors might hide depression – they may be able to step out of danger. In his cross-cultural research on depression, Jules Angst, MD found that both men and women reported stress as a cause of their depression. Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and other weight-related health conditions are common, as are mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

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