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Some Alternative treatments fordepression.• Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)• Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)• Trans cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)• Dietary supplements (Mayo Clinic)• Acupuncture• Meditation (Brown University)• Aromatherapy• Hypnosis• Guided imagery• These alternative treatments for depression are most often explored after determining a patients unable to improve with medication or talk therapy. Discover causes of disorders of the brain and body, as well as the science enabling prevention or treatment.
The study of the brain and nervous system applies to countless facets of daily life, from decisions about money and education, to the way we view ourselves and others.
Even though many cases of depression respond well to treatment, not everyone is seeking medical help. Up to 30 percent of depression cases, meanwhile, don’t respond to conventional therapies. Because no objective test for depression exists, doctors must conduct lengthy psychological exams to diagnose the condition. Scientists also are exploring treatments that target the immune system, after discovering that immune-triggered inflammation causes depression-like symptoms in animals. In fact, half of antidepressant medications are now prescribed for conditions other than depression.

Depression can severely affect ones life as it can worsen ones physical health, negatively affect ones feelings, moods, and behavior.
Depression is complex, comes in many types and can cause severe consequences to those it inflicts. A recent study found that only half of Americans with depression receive any treatment, and only a fifth get the treatment recommended by the American Psychiatric Association. With continued funding from the National Institutes of Health, however, scientists can develop more effective drugs, refine therapies for treatment-resistant depression, and increase awareness of treatment options.
But brain scan techniques in development may more objectively detect depression, determine its severity, and identify the best treatment. Recent research, for instance, has shown that both ketamine and scopolamine may improve mood in people with treatment-resistant depression within four to six hours. Many conditions can cause depression, and people with depression become more prone to other psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Continued funding for depression research is therefore likely to provide insights and therapies for diseases that affect tens of millions of additional Americans.

If your depression is a severe type then usually a combination of both treatments are used. This is a change from past generations, when depression was most likely to strike during a person’s 40s or 50s. Geneticists are trying to pinpoint mutations that make people susceptible to depression, which may provide new targets for drug development. In animals, overactive stress responses reduce the natural replacement of brain cells in the hippocampus, an area that shrinks in people with chronic depression.
If your doctor has ordered talk therapy as a combination to your drug therapy make sure to keep all your therapy appointments as this can greatly help the overall results of your depression treatment.• Statistically as many as 30% of people do not feel better with antidepressants.

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