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Dizziness is a symptom which can describe many different sensations depending on the person experiencing it.
A spinning sensation type of dizziness (vertigo) can be divided into two major types: central and peripheral. What Brings on the Symptoms: The spinning dizziness in BPV comes on when patients turn their head one particular way (either left or right). Associated Symptoms: Motion sensitivity, and in some, hearing loss, buzzing or ringing sound in the ear, and pressure in the ear.
Duration: The dizziness lasts at least anywhere from a few minutes and may last up to several weeks or months. Associated Symptoms: Hearing loss, buzzing or ringing sound in the ear, and pressure in the ear. Treatment: Meniere's disease can often be controlled with a strict diet of low sodium (less than 1500mg per day), elimination of caffeine and alcohol, and stress reduction (daily exercise and meditation). Characteristics: The dizziness in acoustic neuromas can present like any other disease and has no particular characteristic.

What Brings on the Symptoms: No particular trigger is known for symptoms of Acoustic neuromas. Associated Symptoms: hearing loss, buzzing or ringing sound in the ear, and rarely numbness of the face. Duration: The duration of the dizziness is variable, it can be short like BPV or long like other diseases. Associated symptoms: Intense dizziness associated with nausea and vomiting, hearing loss, and ringing in one ear. What Brings on the Symptoms: Loud sounds, pressure changes (such as in an airplane, elevator, or SCUBA diving). What Brings on the Symptoms: Various movements, or especially loud noise can cause the symptoms of spinning dizziness.
Lightheadedness, imbalance, and a spinning sensation are all commonly referred to as dizziness but each can arise from completely different causes.
The team also includes audiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physical rehabilitation specialists who function together in the diagnosis and treatment of the different types of dizziness and balance disorders.

Therefore, the inner ear fluid compartments have an outflow tract which leads to the symptoms of dizziness, hearing loss, and especially the sensitivity to sound (which causes vertigo). Metabolic, neuromuscular, and cerebrovascular disorders as well as tumors or trauma are common causes for dizziness but each is experienced in a different way and has its own different method of treatment. When seeking help from a physician about dizziness, it is important to see someone who is able to discern between the different types of dizziness and identify the primary cause before treatment can be rendered. This movement of fluids causes stimulation of the inner ear, which causes a sensation of motion and thus dizziness.
The dizziness may be associated with fluctuating hearing loss, buzzing or ringing sound in the ear, and pressure in the ear.

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