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Loss of hearing cold symptoms, depression and antidepressants - Test Out

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Symptoms usually occur only during the change in pressure, and perhaps for a short time afterward.
If you experience dizziness that includes a feeling of spinning or falling (vertigo) and your symptoms occur right after flying or diving, you need to be evaluated by a doctor immediately because there is a small chance you may need emergency ear surgery. It is much more likely to happen to people who have colds, allergies or infections when they are flying.
If you are uncertain about your symptoms or if your symptoms last a long time, a doctor can examine your middle ear with a lighted magnifying tool called an otoscope to see if the eardrum is pulled inward.

If you have a cold, ear infection or allergy, you may want to reschedule airplane travel until you are better. If you or your child must fly with a cold, infection or allergy, take a decongestant about one hour before your flight. If you have mild ear pain or hearing difficulty that continues after flying or diving, you should see a doctor for help if your symptoms are slow to go away. If your perforation has not healed after two months, you may need surgery to prevent permanent hearing loss.

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