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Liver cleanses have become increasingly popular as more celebrities embark on weird and wonderful diets and cleanses to detox their system.
Candida tablets and oregano oil capsules to get rid of fungus in the gut were also among my purchases.For the liver cleanse the choice ranged from pre-packaged versions with herbal pills, to more extreme ones using Epsom salts.
These make up about 38 per cent of white blood cells, and are responsible for immune function - making my low count likely to be behind my initial fatigue and ill health.My extreme and sudden symptoms, however, were the result of the liver cleanse - giving up coffee, sugar and going on a near-starvation diet didn't help.

Liver cleanses vary, but with mine I could introduce juices and fruit after a day and a half.By the third day, although the liver cleanse was over and I'd started my supplements, I still felt unwell.
The worst thing was the headaches and crashing fatigue that had taken over.By day four, I was also shivering and my muscles ached.
I couldn't get up without feeling dizzy, and although I was managing a few smoothies, anything I ate made me more nauseous.

After six days the worst was over, and although I gradually upped my food intake to include vegetables, chicken and brown rice as suggested, the headaches, fatigue and sore throat continued.Finally, two weeks after starting the cleanse I threw my supplements away and went to see a doctor.

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