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Lack of sleep high blood pressure, vertigo tinnitus and hearing loss in the geriatric patient - How to DIY

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High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects one in five adults in the UK and is thought to be responsible for half of all heart attacks and strokes.
Women who regularly sleep five hours or less are twice as likely to have high blood pressure than women who sleep for seven hours a night. Women who regularly sleep five hours or less are twice as likely to have high blood pressure than women who sleep for seven hours a night‘We know that when you sleep your blood pressure naturally drops, so if you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body will have to cope with elevated blood pressure for more hours a day. The deep periods of sleep that we dip into periodically throughout a normal night are key to processing and retaining new information.

People with high blood pressure who sleep for less than five hours, or more than eight hours, a night have a significantly higher stroke risk than those who get seven or eight hours sleep, a new study says. For the men, blood pressure remained stable whether they were getting five or seven hours sleep.The University of Warwick researchers found that sleep deprivation in women raises the markers for inflammation that can damage arteries, increasing the risk of coronary disease.
This is usually due to societal pressure (time constraints of managing family, work, home and social life) rather than biological issues (such as insomnia, depression or restless leg syndrome).‘But the impact of this sleep debt on women cannot be underestimated — in the long term, it does cause disease.
The brain starts to operate more from its primitive and emotional areas,’ she adds.A study from Pittsburgh University found that women are more intensely affected by the emotional disturbance sleep deprivation causes.

If the men slept badly, their relationship stayed harmonious the next day.The researchers theorised that women tend to be more verbal and expressive and more aware of the disruptions in their bodies and emotional states.

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