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On a flight back from Switzerland three years ago, Jane Mellor was painfully aware of a high-pitched ringing sound in her ears. Like an estimated 10 per cent of Britons, Jane was suffering from tinnitus — a buzzing, ringing or whistling sound in the ears when there is no external source for it.

After a hearing test to establish the pitch of the patient's tinnitus, they then wear a portable neuromodulation device to listen to a series of chimes just above and below their tinnitus frequency for between four and six hours a dayThe earphones attached to the device are special medical ones that do not completely block the patient’s ears, meaning they can still hear external everyday sounds.‘When I first put them on, it was wonderful,’ says Jane. First, Jane underwent a 90-minute assessment where she was played a series of sounds until she could identify the exact pitch of her tinnitus.

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