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Is ring relief available in canada, new treatment for diabetes - How to DIY

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Each ring features a relief of the species and the location of your hunt on one side and an engraving of your trophy’s B&C score, the Boone and Crockett Awards medallion, and the Awards period your trophy was entered into the records book on the opposite side. Trophy Recognition Rings are available in STS Silverstone, Sterling Platinum, or 10K Yellow Gold, with your choice of center stone in smooth, facet, or buff cut. If you do not know your ring size it is recommended that you visit a jeweler for sizing or call and we will send you a ring-sizing template.

You can choose to further customize your ring with two 10-point cubic zirconia on the ring bezel, or two real 10-point diamonds. The STS Silverstone is one of the most popular recognition ring metals and offers the look and feel of white gold, but in a more durable wear and dent-resistant metal.

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