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The severity of the disease, and how the disease progresses, varies widely from patient to patient and is unpredictable.
Multiple sclerosis is not hereditary, but genetic factors appear to play a role in making some people susceptible to the disease process leading to the condition.
A family history of the disease may put some people at risk for MS, although the risk for someone inheriting all the genetic factors contributing to MS is only about 2 - 4%.
A lumbar puncture, or spinal tap, is a procedure to collect cerebrospinal fluid to check for the presence of disease or injury. Many patients who take natalizumab have reported great improvement in reduction of MS relapses and the drug appears to work well in slowing disease progression. Many doctors now urge treatment after a first neurological episode of MS (a clinically isolated syndrome) using disease-modifying drugs.
If disease-modifying drugs do not work, doctors may try other drugs that are not specifically approved for MS. The chances of siblings getting contradicted with the disease from one another too has not been identified yet. However, there is an immediate need to get rid of this disease in early stages to remain protected to a maximum extent. BackgroundMultiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease that involves the central nervous system (CNS), the nerves that comprise the brain and spinal cord.
Fatigue is the most common and debilitating symptom of MS and often occurs early in the disease.

About two-thirds of patients have pain at some point during the course of the disease, and 40% are never pain free. Some research indicates that family members who have MS tend to develop the disease at around the same age. Evidence strongly suggests that the most destructive changes from multiple sclerosis in the brain occur very early on in the disease process -- and may cause considerable damage even before symptoms begin.
They can help reduce disease activity and progression for relapse-remitting MS (the most common form of MS) and other types of MS that have relapses (secondary-progressive MS, progressive-relapsing MS.) At this time, there are no proven treatments for primary-progressive MS. Some patients use antioxidant vitamins or supplements, since the destruction in the MS disease process may be partly due to oxidation (chemical damage from particles called oxygen-free radicals). Predicting the effects of this disease among siblings too is necessary with no conclusive results obtained so far. However, family history does not predict whether one family member will experience the same disease severity as another family member. Doctors recommend that these medications be used early in the course of the disease and continued indefinitely, unless they produce no benefits or have severe side effects. Natalizumab should only be taken by patients who have not responded to or who cannot tolerate other disease-modifying drugs. There is still no evidence that this disease might cause any major problems in people who are not diagnosed with the disease but live with those who have been. By going through detailed findings related to health research, it can be clearly determined that there are no evident signs of this disease making any sizeable impact.

Except in rare cases of severe disease, most people with multiple sclerosis have a normal or near-normal life span and usually die from the same conditions (heart disease, cancer) that affect the general population. Small studies to date have not found any worsening of the disease from taking vitamin supplements, but patients should be cautious.
There are several intensive research studies that are being carried out in order to determine who the disease progresses and can cause severe problems in others. The fact that identical twins contradicting the disease in comparison to non-identical twins has been found to be 3% more than usual. However, there is a greater need to conduct detailed studies in order to determine that how deadly it is for people diagnosed with the disease.
Hence, there is no strong evidence yet that who is responsible more for causing the disease. Much less commonly, the disease is progressive from the start, with the patient having more or less continuous symptoms. Considering all these facts, there is a greater need for people to remain proactive about the disease.
These drugs can cause serious side effects and do not have any effect on MS disease progression.

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