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Psychiatrists often try two or more medications in a patient suffering with major depression before settling on the one that seems to work best for that individual.
The technology behind GeneSightRx actually determines which genetic variants—in terms of the enzymes that are activated by antidepressants—a person possesses. It’s very possible that patients given medications “suggested” by such testing would do far better than those given placebos—because they aren’t being lumped together and given one medicine, regardless of their individual genetic makeup. Moreover, since many patients discontinue their antidepressants due to side effects like sexual dysfunction and sleeplessness, choosing a medication that is metabolically and genetically less likely to cause these and other side effects makes good sense. In clinical practice, he often sees patients where there is a distinct line of depression, suicide or bipolar disorder running through one side or other of the family.
Some people shrug off circumstances that would topple another person like a pack of dominoes — which is another reason why depression is stigmatised as weak self-pity.

It was only when my daughter developed depression for absolutely no reason (happy, popular, with adoring parents and a childhood very different from my own) that it hit me, as clearly and as painfully as a bolt of lightning. The discovery of a genetic link does not mean that, because depressive illness is present in a family, it is inevitable. In retrospect, I realise I have been suffering from depression since I was a teenager, just like my mother, and just like my daughter, whose episodes of the illness started when she was 13, the same age as me. So the science that proves the first solid evidence of a rogue chromosome linked to depression, which gives some people a hereditary disposition, came as something of a relief.Not because I wanted to find an ‘excuse’ for depression or thumb my nose at those who urge you just to ‘pull yourself together’, but because I wanted (needed) to understand why three generations of bright, lively women sometimes fade into the dark. Some work, some don’t — and some make depression infinitely worse.For the lucky minority (30 per cent) they help to alleviate the condition. But it may mean severe emotional stress is more likely to trigger an episode in somebody if there is a history of familial depression than in somebody who has no record of mental illness.

Whenever I write a personal account on the subject for a newspaper, the comments on the website are inevitably the poisonous, ill-informed malice that any mention of depression seems to inspire. More than anything, the research proves something I have long believed; that depression is an illness, not a self-indulgence or weakness.
Ten years ago, when the episodes of depression I have suffered since childhood escalated into a full breakdown, a psychiatrist implied that my depression might be genetic because my mother suffers from it.

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