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The individual affected by this psychiatric disorder suffered by the overwhelming desire to amputate one or more limbs of the body. This mental disorder causes the person the false belief that a place exists in more than one physical location.
Considered an extremely rare mental disorder patients afflicted with this mental disorder fall into a strong state of excitement coming to declare themselves prophets sent to earth with a mission. People affected by this mental illness do not receive parts of your body, it's like he did not belong and feel disgust and surprise at the presence in the body of those members.

Japanese tourists affected suffer a kind of 'culture shock' that drives them into a depression while in the French capital.
Exposed to them, those affected have a variety of symptoms of sudden onset: anxiety, depression alternating excitation, drowsiness, tremor, palpitations, sweating and ringing ears. It is a mental disorder in which the patient believes that a person, usually their immediate environment (family, friends, coworkers) is replaced by an identical impostor that person. The disorder is more pronounced especially when artworks are exhibited in large numbers in one place or are particularly beautiful.

It is a common disorder in schizophrenia patients, but can also occur in those with dementia or brain injury. Of these about a dozen suffer from this mental disorder that requires them to go back to their home country without actually enjoys the city of light.

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