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New guidelines set out by the public health agency National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) say children showing symptoms of depression need to be properly diagnosed and offered more support. The number of medical staff in South Wales absent from work due to psychiatric illness has sharply increased in recent years, we can reveal. The number of children suffering from depression is on the rise and more needs to be done to care for them, according to health experts. Cyber bullying, pressure from social media websites and the breakdown of the family unit are behind the thousands of young children with mental health problems, according to experts.

But consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist Ricky Emanuel said there are ‘huge variations’ in the level of care delivered to young patients with depression.Mr Emanuel, who works at the Royal Free Hospital, London, helped develop the quality standards. He said: ‘I hope this quality standard can be used as a template to improve the care received by children and young people with depression in England. Figures obtained under freedom of information laws show staff absences for “anxiety, stress, depression and other psychiatric illnesses” at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board climbed from 1,154 in 2011-12 to 1,221 a year later. People do get anxious and depressed.” Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Community Health Council said it was “very concerned” by the increase of reported stress-related illnesses reported by staff.

Do not underestimate the number of nurses who come to us feeling they are unable to cope.” 'Intense pressures' She said she was “acutely aware” of the pressure that NHS staff are under not just at Cardiff and Vale but across the country.

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