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Iron maiden tinnitus, chronic sleep deprivation is most likely to contribute to - Plans Download

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Even without all that crap, Maiden could’ve kept the crowd’s attention on the strength of the songs alone.
Openers Megadeth, despite having exceptionally elaborate stage production and sound mix for a support act, were no match for Maiden.

And last night’s Iron Maiden gig at Bridgestone Arena — the relentlessly British band’s first Nashville appearance in 21 years — was no exception.
With shockingly potent Maiden live clips from recent years in mind, The Spin went into last night’s show with high expectations (as well as a little high) and left drunk on life (and on alcohol), beaming with satisfaction after spending 100 straight minutes watching the well-oiled band rip through a trove of guitarmony-replete shredders while our jaws were plastered to the floor.

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