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All participants also kept sleep logs and answered questionnaires before and after treatment about their insomnia symptoms, their beliefs and attitudes about sleep, and the extent to which they felt they could control their sleep problems.
To date, the researchers have analyzed data from the first 41 study participants, and they show trends suggesting that cognitive behavioral therapy are more effective than the other treatments.
To determine whether cognitive behavioral therapies might improve insomnia in fibromyalgia patients, investigators enrolled 47 people with fibromyalgia in the study.

For example, the researchers' analysis of the sleep log data showed that people in the cognitive behavioral therapy group experienced more improvement in how long they slept than the other two groups. Cognitive behavioral therapies in this study mean therapies designed to educate people about sleep and to correct bad sleep habits and improper sleep scheduling. The analysis of the questionnaire data showed that those in both the cognitive behavioral therapy group and the sleep hygiene group had significantly greater improvements in their subjective insomnia symptoms than did the group receiving usual care.

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