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Insomnia and anxiety before period, natural cures for insomnia - For You

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PMS associated anxiety does not get the coverage or publicity that the PMS associated depression and rage get but this anxiety can be debilitating and lead to panic attacks.
Stage 2: Luteal stage is the stage in which ovulation takes place and the system is flooded with progesterone and this causes the estrogen levels to subside.
Almost 85 % of all women suffer from some type of pre-menstrual syndrome and most of them either have anxiety of depression associated with it. There are a wide variety of potential remedies for this anxiety and the often accompanying panic attacks.
Chamomile Tea – regardless of the cause of your anxiety, chamomile tea is one of the most reputable and most successful herbs when it comes to causing relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.
Kava Kava –the roots of this plant are an excellent natural cure for getting rid of anxiety caused by the menstrual cycle hormone changes.
Caffeine should be avoided entirely in all its forms including chocolate as it is a stimulant and will only add to any anxiety the woman is feeling.
Healthy diet including vegetables, grains, soy, fruits and excluding red meats and saturated fats.
Massage has been increasing in favor over the years as a tool for inducing relaxation and eliminating anxiety.
There are many ways to deal with PMS anxiety and we have provided you with a myriad of options. For that reason it is essential that if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks related to your menstrual cycle, it is imperative that you find techniques, tools or medications that work for you.
It is also true that all the other things that happen during pms that can be caused by insomnia can also be the cause of insomnia. Medications: There are a multitude of medications for insomnia though most are intended for long term issues, they have been and are prescribed for pms insomnia. There are many antihistamines that have sedative properties such as diphenhydramine which is found in Benadryl and in analgesics such as Advil PM and Tylenol PM.
There are a handful of herbs and natural remedies that are effective in treating pms insomnia.
On the other hand l-tryptophan, dogwood and kava kava have been shown to have negative side effects without any positive benefit when you use them for treating insomnia. Progesterone: Progesterone is a hormone that can be prescribed and will counteract the infusion of estrogen that the body is normally creating during the cycle.
Vitamin E: It will help to deal with all those other symptoms of pms that can add to insomnia such as nervousness, irritability, breast tenderness and depression. Calcium: It is recommended that you take 1500mg per day to prevent mood swings that can affect insomnia. Vitamin B – Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is known to help alleviate stress which helps to fight insomnia.

Essential Nutrients: There is some indication that the essential elements that the body needs to be healthy can play a role in dealing with pms insomnia. This is different than some of the other emotional symptoms that are associated with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) such as depression and rage. Women experience a myriad of symptoms in this stage including: cramping and back pain, migraine headaches, mood swings and possibly rages, panic attacks, and nausea. This estrogen build up adds to or causes panic attacks, mood swings, rages, bloating and a lot of discomfort.
The hormone imbalance that women suffer during their menstrual cycle affects the moodiness, stress, anxiety and the brain chemicals of the women involved.
This is because the anxiety and panic attacks tend to keep women awake at night or a severe panic attack can wake a sleeping woman.
Since it is those high estrogen levels that can cause PMS anxiety, bringing those levels down could cure it.
Most people are now familiar with the Bach Flower Essences and which you can get at health food stores and coops. It is particularly true that the Vitamin B complex is highly effective in relaxing and recovering from menstrual cycle anxiety and panic attacks. Whether you put your faith in medical and pharmaceutical answers, or you go the route of natural and alternative options, all that really matters is that you get the relief you need. It can happen at sleep onset when you are trying to fall asleep, or you can wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep. It is fairly difficult to sleep through or with hot flashes, dreams and nightmares, night sweats, severe cramping and bloating, going to the bathroom frequently, heavy bleeding and tender breasts.
That may be so but there are specific treatments and remedies that can be considered and tried for the insomnia specifically. Even as insomnia causes irritability and other pms symptoms, those symptoms also can cause the insomnia.
Even when experiencing bloating due to pms, drinking water can relieve these symptoms as well as assist with insomnia.
Insomnia may be associated with an imbalance of neurotransmitters and amino acids (proteins) can help to restore the balance.
If you already suffer from an anxiety disorder it is likely to get worse during your period.
This is followed by mild to severe fatigue depending upon how often the woman is kept awake or awoken by this anxiety.
Be sure to get the mixture intended specifically for anxiety and panic attacks and menstrual cycle disorders.
Therefore meditation is an excellent antidote to panic and anxiety induced by hormonal changes and imbalances.

Extreme anxiety and panic attacks can render the sufferer immobile and unable to carry on with the basic functions of life.
There are enough solutions here for you to take control of your life back by overcoming or curing your menstrual cycle anxiety and or panic attacks.
The last possibility is that you can wake up too early and not be able to go back to sleep. All of these are symptoms of pms and all of these are good reasons for not being able to sleep through the night.
There may not be a cure, but there are certainly many potential treatments and remedies that might help.
So if you treat the bloating, cramping, mood swings, sore breasts and headaches you are also treating the insomnia. Valeriana officinalis (Valerian) is an herb that is very affective when it comes to dealing with pms insomnia. If on the other hand you do not suffer from an anxiety disorder than you could develop very high anxiety during your period – enough to actually cause panic attacks.
You should also make sure you take a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement in order to insure that you have no dietary insufficiencies that would add to the anxiety. This is the stage in which progesterone begins to be created in larger quantities than estrogen and begins to dissipate the excess estrogen.
This includes medications both over the counter (OTC) and prescription, herbs, vitamins and supplements, along with food and lifestyle issues. Midol would not be appropriate for insomnia as it contains caffeine but Pamprin may be helpful.
So herbs that help you to relax as well as cause sleepiness or treat pain and bloating are helpful here as well. Dandelion root is a diuretic and that relieves the uncomfortable bloating and may allow for more rest. Tribulus Terrestris is another herb known for treating insomnia, sleeplessness and restlessness. For that reason it is really important to understand menstrual cycle related insomnia, its symptoms and causes.

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