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Formulated by a Doctor, it has demonstrated a 70% success rate, and has changed the lives of individuals with attention deficit disorder.
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a limiting metabolic dysfunction of the Reticular Activating System, the center of consciousness that coordinates learning and memory, and which normally supplies the appropriate neural connections necessary for smooth information processing and clear, non-stressful attention. The Reticular Activating System and its connections, are at the center of consciousness, attention and learning.
Although Attention Deficit starts in the brain, it really involves the entire sensorium (vision, smell, touch, hearing, etc.) as well as the inner world of cognition and emotion. A number of strategies are possible, but two are generally the most common and most easily documented.
ADDs and LDs are hypothesized to have low Acetylcholine levels and adverse lipofuscin populations within the Cholinergic neural pathways, making a competitive response more difficult and trying. Fortunately, when appropriate (1) neural building materials, (2) precursors to neurotransmitters and (3) an appropriate fund of neural buffers are supplied, neural networks may be created and forged quickly in order to meet the increasing demands of heavy neural traffic, especially in the prepubescent individual.

Without continual excitation of cortical neurons by reticular activation impulses, an individual is unconscious and cannot be aroused.
One half of the dry weight of the brain (neurons, glial and brain cells) is made up of fatty acids and lipids. If you would like some more information, check out these breast implant removal photos which show both the good and bad side of breast implants!
This, most noticeably, generates frustration, bewilderment and behavioral problems in the Attention Deficited individual. Overly competitive stimulation from multiple external and internal sources (too much visual stimulation, too much sound stimulation, too many internal feelings and emotions, etc.) can cause undue frustration, irritation, aggression and anxiety. Feelings of helplessness and anxiety are often overwhelming, forcing an Attention Deficited individual to look for ways in which to survive the assaultive nature of their world. ADHD’s are hypothesized to have ample supplies of Acetylcholine and clear, lipofuscin-free, unobstructed Cholinergic pathways, allowing them to actively compete and overwhelm the intrusive messages.

Notice how the two ADD individuals (3&4) demonstrate high (more red) Theta and Alpha activity in their maps than do the normal individuals, respectively. When looking for the right surgeon for mommy makeover surgery, Palm Harbor Florida be sure to give a call to the best breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction surgeons in South Florida. If too activated, an individual cannot relax or concentrate (and is over-stimulated or hyperactive) often resulting in ADHD. And, the physical number of neural connections then potentiates further production of neurotransmitters and neural buffers, which in turn enhances memory processing and learning even more.
The ADD results (3&4) are characteristic of states of non-attentiveness, and too little stimulation of the reticular activating system, and probable inadequate number of connections.

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