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A comprehensive site dealing with sleep paralysis, hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations.
A lot of people experience hypnagogic hallucinations and this article gives examples of different visions, dreams, hallucinations which people have re Hello does anyone know how to snap out of sleep paralysis.
For the last seven years I have experienced the common sleep disorder known as sleep paralysis with hypnogogic hallucination. Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in healthy persons or may be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations.

Herbert Silberer described a process he called autosymbolism, whereby hypnagogic hallucinations seem to.
Sleep paralysis, or more properly, sleep paralysis with hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations have been singled out as a particularly. However, in some cases, the hallucinations and sleep paralysis may suggest a primary sleep disorder. Sleep Paralysis and Associated Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Experiences Page Nightmare (Detail) Henry Fuseli.

Everything you need to know about hypnagogic auditory hallucination and sleep paralysis, including the most common causes and treatments.

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