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If loud noises send your toddler scurrying under the bed, hands over his ears, he might have abnormally sensitive hearing.
Normal Toddler SensitivityToddlers have better hearing and can hear higher and lower frequency sounds than adults, according to the University of Chicago. Desensitizing Little EarsIf your super sensitive little one's hearing sensitivity doesn't improve with time, you might want to consider sensory integration therapy or behavioral desensitization to help desensitize him to noises and cope with them more effectively.

Then again, he might be perfectly normal -- toddlers have more sensitive hearing than adults, so noises that might only slightly startle you can have more of an effect on little ears. Because a toddler's ears haven't been exposed to rock concerts yet, he hasn't experienced any self-induced hearing loss. But if your little gal spends most of the day with her hands over her ears, if she reacts to loud sounds by hitting her head or other forms of self-injury or if your concern over her reactions to sound is curtailing your daily activities, asking your doctor for a hearing test or an evaluation with an ear specialist is prudent.

This method of acclimating people with hyper-sensitive hearing to loud sounds exposes them to the sound in a controlled way, starting out very softly and gradually increasing the volume.

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