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Hypersensitive hearing and anxiety, treatment of fatigue - PDF Review

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Anxiety is a normal part of childhood; children may show separation anxiety at various stages of development or have fears of strangers or the dark according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Autism SpectrumChildren with autism spectrum disorders may be hypersensitive to sound, and may flee from loud, piercing sounds or noisy situations with their hands covering their ears, according to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. Hyperacusis can gradually occur over a period of time or the child may have a sudden onset when feeling extreme anxiety as a result of a crisis situation according to The Hyperacusis Network.
Highly sensitive children pick up on the moods of people they encounter and respond to lights, sounds and smells within their environment, according to Maureen Dawn Healy, an expert on highly sensitive children.
Some parents may limit noisy activities or have their children wear earplugs to help reduce noise and decrease anxiety levels that may result from noise exposure.

Severe anxiety develops if a child fears the sounds in her present environment as well as the sounds she might hear in the future, according to the Hyperacusis Network. Finding out the cause of the noise sensitivity will enable parents to assist their child with the anxiety caused by it.
Their intense perceptions can cause them anxiety and result in temper tantrums, withdrawal or episodes of crying. Evidence that individuals with autism spectrum disorders have hearing that is physiologically different that their peers is unfounded, according to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.
Rather than trying to change your highly sensitive child, teach him coping skills when noise levels cause anxiety.

A possible explanation is that these children fear and become anxious in response to certain sounds and a pattern of self-protection develops and becomes an ingrained behavior. Therapy generally consists of special hearing aids that enable the patients to listen to broadband pink noise along with direct counseling for a period of approximately six months.

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